fredag den 3. juni 2016

Social Crunchtime

I started the week with a little bit of glamour, as I went to a red carpet premiere in Westwood with Anastasia. We tried to get tickets to the actual movie, but alas - it was a pretty full premiere. In comparison to the Hunstman one, this seemed less "sparkly". But we still had fun! And we went to eat at Inn n Out afterwards.

She stayed over and we spent 3 hours in the jacuzzi and watched The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - it was great to rewatch it! I always have fun with her and it's annoying that she lives far, haha.
Tuesday I stressed back home after the DKA meeting to participate in my Mum's birthday breakfast. It was odd being a part of it through cyberspace.

Back to the animation room and the increasingly close prom deadline. Creative people making backgrounds and crying in the corners everywhere.

I got the last bits of my film shot! And then I "just" had to assemble everything.

We decided to go to Disney on Carlito's birthday. And it was such a perfect day for it, weather-wise.

Sun hiding behind clouds sometimes, but peeking out to provide light once in a while. It was fantastic not to get exhausted because of the heat!

We tried so many rides. At least in comparison to what I usually do - but I also like just strolling around and looking. We went to California Adventure to pick up fastpasses for World of Colour that night and stayed to do some attractions. I did a lot of wild ones that day - so I spent some time feeling anxious before those rides.

We took a breather in New Orleans Square. We all had the Mickey beignets and the powdered sugar went absolutely everywhere.

Group shot.

We got fastpasses for both Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. I think Indiana Jones is my new favourite ride - it's so much fun! And I was so scared before (Hyper)Space Mountain, but it was not bad at all and I had a great time during the ride. So I was very happy and surprised.

The others went on Splash Mountain, but I had had enough of crazy rides, so I opted for the parade and Sleeping Beauty's walk-through instead.

It was a good time to feel matchy-matchy in my Sleeping Beauty outfit.

We met up again and strolled around the park as the sun was starting to set. Serving disneybound realness up there.

Good taimes.

Back in California Adventure we decided to do single rider for the Cars attraction. It only took about 20 minutes and Mira and I even ended up in the same car (after a brief in-queue separation)!

It was such a fun one! I would go all the time if the line was shorter. It was just the right speed and the production value was so impressive.

Then we sat down for World of Colour. We had forgotten to take into account the water splashes, so we were a bit scared before the show started. But it ended up not being bad at all! It was a gorgeous show, and I actually didn't even hate the Frozen part.
We then went home - after spending about 14 hours at the park. Wow.

Saturday I was just relaxing at home, catching up to How To Get Away With Murder (always so good!). And in the evening I went to Spring Sing (UCLA talent competition) with Rebecca. It was good fun, but a bit cliche and I probably wouldn't go again.

I ran into Harit and Will on the way out, and Will and I went to Late Night at De Neve (dining hall). We just chatted for an hour or so and then parted ways. I called up Mira and we decided to hang out in her study space. We spent 4 nightly hours together in an increasingly cold room haha. But it was all good, and I made some tea when I got back.
My DKA pledge class decided to give the fraternity a star as our pledge gift. And the certificate came!

Sunday I got up and made plans with Heather. She picked me up and we went to Santa Monica. We took a long walk on the beach, I went in, and we even saw a seal from the pier.

We grabbed dinner together and strolled along the shopping street. It was so good to finally hang out with her one on one!

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