mandag den 23. maj 2016

American Work FLow

I started doing layout for my 15 second animation about my superhero girl. Long hours at the workshop getting clocked in - so naturally we ate at campus a lot. Photo from one Ackerman trip with Mira.

I revved up my work flow on MagiCake and put in a lot of late nights. I took the time to take a few shots for portfolio/narcissistic purposes.

But yeah. My animation time was pushed to the max - I was there maybe even more than the grad students. 
And it was that time of year again - Eurovision time! I looked on in distress as Denmark did not make it to the final, and on Saturday I watched the whole thing with Maria.

 It was Lexi's birthday, but she was so busy so we ended up going for breakfast at Denny's at midnight that Wednesday. Très Americaine.

 Friday was more animation, but with a more relaxed energy in the room thanks to chit chat and a few games of Uno!
Saturday night we were officially initiated into DKA and we had a good time in James' flat, eating cake, watermelon and playing pong. 

When I woke up in the morning, I went directly to Covel Commons to eat breakfast with some DeKAs and have a Screenwriter Circle. It was good to hear some of their creative writing!

 Then it was time for baseball! More very American things. We went to the see the Dodgers Downtown - we were a pretty big group from animation!
I had mistakenly chosen to wear both blue and red, which were the colours of the opposing team. But it didn't matter much to me - and the Cardinals did end up winning.

Pretty sunset over the sea of people.

The energy of the mass of people was insane. Everyone was dressed up somehow, wearing the colours or actual team merchandise. So the atmosphere was really someting! There was a lot of waiting involved though - the most exciting part was when the Cardinals stole a base and the last 5 minutes of the game when the Dodgers fans were crazy loud in hopes of turning the game around.

Night fell and we returned to Westwood.

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