torsdag den 12. maj 2016

Dapper Week

 Another week of summer dresses, drawing and hanging with the DeKAs doing Quests and meetings.

My anticipation assignment was a cute lil' girl getting hit in the face... adorable.

I gave Suzy her sash back on a sunny day and when I made the cake for my witch film, a tiny bird found its' way into the animation room and was a great distraction for a good hour.

More flowers are in bloom at campus. I am beginning to think that they have planned it all - making the decision to plant flowers which blooms will follow each other so campus is always adorned with petals and nice smells.
And then the weekend came. Which meant Dapper Day. But first: Saturday at Anastasia's downtown, chilling with her kittie and usual Bob. 

I picked her up after work at the Grove and we got a bite to eat at the Farmer's Market. I had been craving strawberries for a good while, so my choice of food was great.

We got up quite early to get ready - we were taking the bus, which is a 2-hour drive.

We got to Disneyland and took a look at the Dapper Day expo first - it was a little disappointing, maybe due to the amount of conventions I have been to. They had a swing dance lesson which was real cute though!

We headed for Disneyland, went on a flying elephant ride, and people-watched - sooo many people had turned up in Dapper outfits and it was great to just take in all the fashion (that Hook bound was my favourite).

We then headed to California Adventure for the Disneybound meet. It was... overwhelming. So many people - it was actually a little too much. But people looked really great. We all agreed that we were saying "cute" way too much that day.

I walked around the park with Matt and Jennifer for a bit and then met up with Anastasia in Cars land.

We had milkshakes and took photos.

Carsland is definetely one of my favourite aspects of Disneyland - it is executed so brilliantly. And it fits the Dapper aesthetic very well, haha!

Always a delicate snowflake.

Twilight and then night fell. It got cold fast and we realized too late that we had forgotten to get passes for World of Colour. So we just skipped it. We were pretty tired.

So we took the bus back. A lot of hysterical laughs happened - probably mostly due to our before-mentioned tiredness. But I had such a great time. We were both a little surprised that the day had not been more social, but we had enjoyed each other's company too much to really care.

 I finally made it home and let the birds and my hair fall. It felt SO good.

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