mandag den 31. august 2015

US Potter Summer

When we got off the plane from Istanbul and returned home I swiftly changed into robes - since I was going to what turned out to be a fantastic Harry Potter party! 
The bracelet was the ticket - already a nice touch.

Getting on my fairy dust and magic.

Plenum at Werket was decorated as the Great Hall, complete with house banners and candles from the ceilings. I've generally never seen Werket so nicely dolled up - there were so many small details!

Everyone's costumes were on point. My fave by far was the Moaning Myrtle though!

It was such a nice event but didn't quite feel like a party - it was just a bunch of nerds gathering and bonding over nostalgia and alcohol hahah.

My favourite decorations!

The day after I went to show some UC people around and we played some outdoor games in Kongens Have. Friday I went to Islands Brygge with them - we chilled and even jumped in the harbour! I jumped from the 3m point and felt so proud of myself since I'm not that great with small heights.

Crazy hair getting tucked away and shortened for the hot summer days. Summer has lasted so long this year!
I invited some Americans to join me in watching the Royal Theatre's free showcase in front of Rosenborg!

Free ballet, opera and modern dance. It was 2 good cultural hours! Don Quixote had really dramatic moves and Cacti was super funny - voice-over narration that made us all laugh and I might actually go see the whole thing.

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