onsdag den 2. september 2015

Sparkly Feelings (c) Disney Pixar

Summer is shifting away and some leaves are already beginning to turn red. We took advantage of the warm weekend though and went on a Tarzan photoshoot last weekend! It's been long overdue - we made the loincloth for Mickey two years ago when we thought a shoot was weeks away...

We managed to get some great photos and I'm looking so much forward to seeing them edited ! We were crazy lucky with the weather - just the day after was 100 % rain. Yikes. The gods have smiled upon us...

Inside Out galla premiere was suddenly upon us and Rasmus came to pick me up and rush my make-up process.

We had gathered some Disneybounders and went as four of the feelings - and Filip accidentally wore a perfect Sadness outfit haha! Happy coincidence.

Free slushies and hugs.

Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera came to introduce the film. They were supposed to have stayed for half an hour to be interview, but they left after 10 minutes or so. A bit terrible really...
Filip managed to get his art book signed though, real happy for him!

Really like the general look and make-up I ended up with!

Since temperatures have turned colder it was time to bring out the LUSH. I used the last of this angel and apparently I had missed out on ALL the glitter the last times I'd used it. Because there was a lot this time...

I was absolutely covered afterwards.

I've been working all weekend. I even had my first 8h in ages - my feet were killing me in the end. Pernille and I decided not to make dinner but simply bought street food from HEJ KBH's event right outside the store. We then proceeded to watch Dirty Dancing (was Johnny always so shitty?) and Amalie called us up to breakfast-goodnight chat. Time zones are weird.

Monday I went to Tante T with Izzie from UC. She's a film major and tea-fanatic as well and the hours ticked away quickly. It's fun getting to know new people and getting into speaking English again.

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