søndag den 9. august 2015

Busy Post-Genki

We slept in on Monday after not having slept a lot during Genki. Then we got dressed and went to the beach! We stayed there for a few hours, Kimberley tried to teach me to skim stones and the water felt terrific.
But we left and I showed her around CPH for a bit, went on a boat trip and ended up in Tivoli playing a 3D Star Wars game.

Tuesday we went to the National Museum to see their Viking stuff and the Cosplay exhibition.

After taking purikura and meeting up with Allan we went to CPH's oldest bakery and then I took Kim to the airport. We had such a good time together!

Later in the day I rushed off to Sweden to sleep at Aybike's together with Sasha. We ended up taking a long walk in some crazy rainstorm and after drying off and changing clothes we went to grab food at Burger King. And we stayed there for hours. In our PJs. Good times.
Tuesday Aybike was judging the Pride Cosplay Competition and I genderbended Adventure Time with her!

We even got to do a shoot and found this mesmerizing location inside a park's hedge. It looks very fantasy-like.

Beautifulll! And our very colourful Instant...

Then I went to work! Breaks are so nice in the current weather.

We also showed Athena (judge at Genki) around om Friday. She was so sweet and calmed my beginning nerves about my term abroad. And I even found a promising location for a hopefully soon-to-be photoshoot!

I hung out with Amalie for the last times before her trip to Santa Barbara. Once just the two of us where we watched Pitch Perfect and Lizzie McGuire while making a blog for her, once out drinking with the Disneys and lastly eating ice cream from Ismejeriet with my parents today. I haven't known her that long but we've grown close fast. I'm so happy that Skype exists.

Their ice cream is unreal. I really like the white chocolate one I tried for the first time - it had huge chunks of chocolate!

After work yesterday I saw the most beautiful sunset while walking to the theatre to watch AntMan with Rasmus. And when the film was over we even got to see Tivoli's fireworks ! (second photo: Kasper Palsnov)

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