fredag den 7. august 2015

Blonde Genki

I went to Genki last weekend! I filmed a bunch !

 Since last time I've been working a lot + crafted like crazy. I spent a week crunching out three new costumes - Stella, Odette and Mikako!
My process started at Stine's since I needed a helper for putting myself into a tape trap. I made the pattern this way and I only had to make the slightest of adjustments! 


After that came stripes. And lots of them. And believe me when I tell you that I underestimated the time it would take to do them.
Still, I went to Lea's birthday shenanigans. She had cake and lovely people - who was I to say no?

Then came painting the other stuff + starting on Stella's staff. Foam + woodglue !
After sowing like crazy I rewarded myself with a bath, Ben&Jerry's and the newest Teen Wolf.

I poured hot water over the braids and waited for the magic to happen while I sew Stella in a few hours. 
Then I picked Kimberley up from the airport and she did some sowing by hand while I made my wings. It was my first time making non-feather wings and I didn't find it too difficult - but these are also quite light-weight.

  Pretty stuff (also Kim). And I poofed my fringe to achieve that ridiculous cartoon look.

Friday came and it was Genki time. We went to the con, got checked in without any queuing whatsoever and I got changed. I talked to DR about cosplay and we went gaming - it's become a bit of a tradition for me to play Mario Kart on Fridays.

Some girls stopped me and we had talks about fairy nostalgia. I had such a nice time wearing her!

Saturday it was Odette day. I was on the wait list for the cosplay show but didn't get to wear her on stage - maybe another time...
I did get to go on a small shoot with Jacky ! I'm looking so much forward to those photos!

Saturday consisted of watching the cosplay show (which was soooo good and funny this year!) and talking to friends. I also went to the Wig Workshop in the morning (where I learned that I've been doing wigs wrong for 7 years) and the Worbla Workshop in the evening (where I got a few new tricks).

Sunday was the weirdest. I felt super odd wearing Mikako since the costume just looks so bloody crazy - but I like it nonetheless. + Stine looked so amazing as my darling sister!

 Sunday was slow and I only went to the Craftmanship Competition and the Closing Ceremony. Some of the panels and events I'd wanted to attend got cancelled :c
I still had such a good time hanging with all the babes.


 So nice! So hot! So sweaty! So summery!

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