fredag den 24. juli 2015

Easy Breezy Summer

'Kay, first things first: I made a new layout and header for the blog! So welcome to the new edition I guess...

Distortion street parties happened with the Disney folks. So. many. people. all. over.

I went to Ander's graduation party and felt bad that I was getting birthday gifts at his party - I got my very own Stormfly <3 br="">

The the African heat wave crossed Europe and came to Denmark bearing shattering degrees. So the beach was in order. I hung with Stine and Pernille and we went in three times! The water felt absolutely fantastic!

Good weather also means sitting outside reading. And there's of course one specific series that is preferred.

Hot weather and Harry Potter is just a brilliant combination.


 I drove up and met the girls at Malmparken Stof-salg one Saturday. It was the last opening day and we bought discounted fabrics - good deals were made mayn. And it just so happened to coincide with the ECG finals, so we felt all the memories come up...

I had to go to work some days during the heat wave which was a bit of shame (even though I was happy to miss out on the warmest day - that was too much for me). I made the best of the situation by driving to and fro work on my dear Sally though. Jesus, my dress was moving so gracefully behind me and people really stared in awe haha. And I even swung by Michael's Sunday evening.

Then the temperatures dropped again and I took a warm bath to energize myself.

I've been to Tina's new place a few times. We've made cheesecake, waffles, watched Hercules and played Child of Light. Boy, that game was a beauty. Such a great feeling playing it and the art was impeccable.

I bought one of our  Cindy mirrors before they sold out and took home one of the Big Hero 6 puzzles since they probably won't be making more merchandise. Plus I really like that particular artwork.

I put it together and Rasmus helped me put it in a frame by my bed. I think it looks really nice!

We also watched the old and new Little Witch Academia. Gosh, I just won't tire of the beautiful animation in that one! But I do still prefer the first one - the narrative is super tight and neat.

I also spent some anime-hours with Kathrine. And we spent loads of time reminiscing the past and even got sucked into reading old Princess magazines haha.

When we get off work at around 9 and walk to the station the light is super pretty.

 I've hung out a lot with the babes - watching movies, going to cafés, eating cake. And we went on a long walk by Langelinie in the sun and met a odd fella!

When we finally bought our ice creams of course it started raining. Jeez. 
The weather is really on-off. But usually it's sunny for my breaks in Disney on the terrace.

Sunnies, lipstick and colour to give me a summer jumpstart.

And the girls tried being Japanese for a day haha!

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