onsdag den 4. marts 2015

Oscar's Glitz

 Straight after J-Popcon's busy schedule I went to nap and then quickly changed into this year's Chosen One before heading to the live screening of the Oscars with fellow Film and Media students.

We were running late but got to take a photo with Oscar like every other person in the theatre haha. But the official photographer snapped a few of us as well. Then we saw The Theory of Everything as a pre-grame screening. It was very sweet and I enjoyed it tremendously.

Then came the Red Carpet which showed more variety than recent years and I loved how the actresses spoke up. 

I wore my vintage Paris dress. It was not as uncomfortable as I'd feared to sit in it for hours on end !

It was a pretty good show. I liked how Neil put the spotlight on just how white this year's Oscars were but other than that he hosted an uneventful affair.
I love that they have reinstalled the tradition of allowing all the nominated songs to be performed. The Lego Movie performance was on crack... so weird and utterly brilliant of course.

The winners' speeches were sweet and short but Common and John Legend's speech on racism and accept touched me while Graham Moore left me speechless. Another fantastic moment was Julie Andrews stepping out on the stage and hearing the surprise in both in Imperial and Dolby theatre.

A highlight this year was the absolutely breathtaking graphic introductions. I adored the one for Make-up and Hairstyling but they all stood out.

Favourite dresses of the night. It was all very sleek this year - quite boring. But I loved Anna Kendrick in colour and the pattern in Jennifer Aniston's dress !

Honourable mention to absolutely gorgeous Zendaya - she was not shown in the coverage we saw live, but she looked stunning!

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