fredag den 13. marts 2015

They try to make me go to rehab...

Rasmus finished his make-up artist exam last week! I was his model for the exam. He had to do beauty make-up and some speciel effetcs. The latter were nasty haha.

He did so good and I'm real proud of him! He's gotten so gewwwwd.

It was weird having to wear grey contouring - since he had drawn B/W photo that's what he applied on me. The lil' lady was such a darling. I kept her on my body until she washed off haha!

Some delightful Swedes came to visit and that meant Japanese food, chilling at Julie's and dancing the night away at a club filled to the brim with 18-year olds haha (we we there with Aybike's kid sister). But the DJ was the best in recent YEARS. Damn he managed to not play ANY sucky songs.

My babies. Rasmus got his results on Tuesday and held a little celebration. We played Cards Against Humanity! That's always fun.

I've been drawing a lot recently. Trying to keep up my incentive to draw at least 10 min a day! Behold: my present for Aybike a few weeks back when she turned 20! 
And my first fully-coloured piece depicting the moment when my heart broke. I marathoned Gravity Falls ahead of watching the newest episode and damnnnnn it pumped me up so much! GF is really well put togethser.

Sometimes my hair is magic.

The weather has been getting sunnier and I brought out my thinner coat today. I soon discovered that it is a little too cold for it still though....

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