onsdag den 25. februar 2015

Totally Falls at J-pop

 J-popcon is over once more!  I made a lil' video instead of taking a ton of photos hahah. It was fun to do, so I might keep it up.

As per usual I had some crafting done in the previous weeks. The biggest project was our Totally Spies group! Also as per usual we started too late but we managed to get everything done in time for the stage. We made one suit and then drew the lines we wanted after pinning. And the two lycras we'd bought ended up looking super great together!

Pernille and Stine were my spies in crime!
 It was super fun to cosplay with two ladies I hadn't worked with before. Stine is crazy fast, for the life of me I do not understand...

Stage prop being painted and shoulder pieces shaped over foam!

Compowders, belts and wiggggsss. A LOT of heat and hairspray was applied to my Clover and it still wasn't enough. Jesus...

Friday we celebrated Aybike turning 20 at a nearby restaurant!

... which is why I didn't really spend a lot of Friday on the actual convention floors. + I went to pick up Kimberley from Belgium!

Saturday's cosplay show was very late this year and for that reason we didn't have to rise with the sun. Which was nice haha!
Wearing the Spies was great fun and when we snuck out of Øksnehallen we got to really feel people's enthusiasm. It was a great rush!

But Saturday remains a blur for me. So many people and very little relaxing made it quite a confused day. Still rocked my socks though!

Some things went wrong in our skit, but to be perfectly honest I can't be bothered since people actually laughed at our performance. We'd been so nervous it wasn't funny at all!

I also showed Jessica and Jay around a very not-so-cultural wintery Copenhagen earlier in the week. I'd never been to Rundetaarn at night with the observatory open before. 
It was so nice that so many international peeps paid us a visit!!

Eating at Subway is apparently a convention ritual by now haha.

Sunday in brief: Laura's prosthetics panel, Sunday cosplay show, Sun Studio pre-showing of the new Reward + finally just walking around the con.

I have cute friends.

And a p cute twin!

Cosplays in intants.
I had a very nice weekend with highlights to be remembered for a long tine - even though a lot of the other stuff is a blur haha.

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