søndag den 15. marts 2015

Golden Treats

Life has been weird since this new year started. I don't have a lot of interest in the courses being taught this semester and I'm super low-energy. But I've become good at using my pick-me-ups to turn the sour days sweet!

I've attended a few test screenings. Mortdecai was funny enough but what I loved to watch was The Shamer's Daughter. The book has been such a big part of my childhood and I remember reading in the newspaper that Universal or someone had bought the rights soooo many years ago. But it never happened... and now the Danes produced one for ourselves! It was good to see it in Danish - it would have been far to odd to suddenly have an English Dina.... They did a great job with the adaption but it was super surreal seeing the film.

I attended the CBS girls' party at their new crib! Tiny flat + lots of people = humid.

We held a reunion dinner with my high school ! Four of our old teachers even came. It was such a nice time and we had a great turn-out.
I've eaten way too much delicious foods lately... I really love crêpes.

We got free tickets from Disney when Big Hero finally hit theatres all over the nation. Jesus that took a while... So I went and saw it in English for the first time. And met a friendly droid!

Silly 3-D ad just by the Store.

Golden hour shone so brightly for the first time in forever that I just had to snap some photos. I started playing with the light and the duality of my eyes and face. 

It was really fun! I adore the second in the middle!! 
These are, as always, completely unedited fyi.

A gorgeous new addition to my 50s wardrobe. The colour is most like the photo on the right. It's really a brilliant dress - my hair just goes a littel too well with the shade haha.

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