torsdag den 2. april 2015

Easter Slipper

Easter break came so quick this year. I feel like it was only just Christmas! Time for sweets and relaxing with friends and getting your shit together before finals season kickstarts.
The last few weeks I've talked for hours with Aybike...

Hung out with dear Afnan and she put henna on me (! been ages!) ...

 Chilled with the CBS crew with amazing xmassy food and pancakes...
PLUS I've been reading The Maze Runner like crazy. I am now on book 3 and Newt has broken me a lil' bit.

The squirrels are being a bit less shy atm. So I get to see them almost every day!

Heavy liner looks great... but this one smudges quite a bit grrr. Such high maintenance!!

 Wow, take a look at that fancy free ticket - IN COLOUR. That's a first haha. Cinderella was breathtakingly beautiful and super sugar-coated and sweet - so naturally it was a hit. It reminded me of what's said about The Labyrinth and their designers: "When in doubt, add more glitter!" In Cindy's case it was just Swarowski stones.
Dear Blanchett was a joy to watch and I appreciated the fact that they tried to give Kit some personality even if the result was a pretty awkward prince.
We all wore the Store's very FITTING (haha, punny) badges for the occasion and I donned my Cindy tee.

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