tirsdag den 4. november 2014

Soaring sci-fi academics

 This semester at uni is very different. We almost don't read any acedemic texts and all our hand-ins are websites or films. So it's a very practical term! Which basically means LOTS of hours spent with my production group.
These were taken in the process of our fiction film preparations - writing, storyboarding, location scouting and getting to know each other better.

Mmmmhm cake with the Wup Wup crew.

I went to a screening of the Star Wars REBELS TV-special a few weeks before it premiered on Disney XD.

A thing to know about me: I have the biggest lady-crush on Amidala/Padme. I've idolized her for as long as I can remember - I used to draw that red royal dress over and over and over... So! Make-up! And I'm sad to report that I didn't even have to apply some kind of pale foundation... naturally pastry white y'know!

Cutie colleagues and pretty great decorations in-theatre!

They had Stormtroopers and nice things.... but who cares when these cutiepies were walking around all dressed up! I especially lost it at the Jawa girl. 

 After long days of production for uni... nothing lifts my spirits as a beautiful sunset and maybe a tiny piece of sugary goods. Or some frozen products (be it ice cream or work-perk dolls).

They might go to a child somewhere sometime in the future, but for now... On top of that shelf they will stay.

And last BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST I went with my family in a helicopter. Yup. So that happened. It was super fun to see Copenhagen from above - noticing all the places I've lived, gone to school, worked, had memories... Copenhagen is really small though hah! It didn't take long to see it all! The weather was absolute perfect - couldn't have been better with the little amount of wind and the sun lit up our beautiful city.

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