torsdag den 6. november 2014

Hardcore Geek

I decided to go the the 2nd GeekCore mostly because Emma and Morten came to stay overnight with me. And then Julie was looking for PARTY CREW members and Morten and I jumped on board to get free access to the con and have a party behind the bar!

I finally found time to make my flower crown... Wanted one I can wear for lots of outfits! This made me come later than my peers, but I still had time to play a bit of video games with the dear Aalborg people.

The opening ceremony was really great! Had some pretty official speeches and Jakob Stegelmann as Guest of honour had a very nice small introduction!

Morten and I had a couple of bartending hours each night. Friday we had the opening slot. So not very many people were at UnderWerket - but we had fun nonetheless!

We caught the last of the Press Play On Tape concert and also saw the beginning of Allan's talkshow with Jakob about nerd culture in Denmark through the years since the 70s. It was so odd to see him in real life - on telly he's explained movies, games and comics to me all through my childhood.

I kind of had magic hair this weekend - it was sort of pretty no matter how I styled it!

Goooood moooRRRning!
We changed at the con Saturday and I took some shots of Emma while we awaited the cosplay competition.

Because we came so early we had front-row seats haha! 

Peter joined me as Frozone! He told me at the Villains 'n' Hero party some weeks ago and I basically flipped up. It was so fun to have some photos with him - Emma was such a doll to return the favour.

Hanging outttt.

Mmmhm that Pocahontas. And I hung out a lot with Pernille in the afternoon - it was super chill and nice.

I got free dinner at Werket and after partying for a few hours we had a shift yet again. It was more busy and we sold out of a lot of beverages. So fun !

Just as we finished up they started playing a bunch of Disney songs and the dear drunken people went slightly crazy. It was a great party.
Sunday I had planned to wear cosplay again but decided to have a casual day instead.

Relaxing times without anything really happening. It was a nice con, but slightly uneventful.

 Josephine showed me these nice girls selling home-made Potter goods and I took home a Felix Felicis. It's been a while since I've humoured the HP-nerd in me with a purchase like that.

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  1. Det er altid så super hyggeligt at bo hjemme ved dig til conventions <3 <3 Og elsker billedet af Batwoman, such fierce ~ Det er stadig en accomplishment at jeg fik hevet dig og Morten med hjem efter disneymusikken begyndte, haha