tirsdag den 30. september 2014

Wishing for entertainment

Who says florals are for spring?!

I decided totally last minute to go to this year's Heroes 'n' Villains party anyway. I didn't want to go in costume though, since it was held at an open club. So I opted for a Genie that my heart's been aching for these past weeks.
I was happy about my decision to go casual - so many drunken 18-year old looked at the others in perplexed surprise. And I was even more happy about going - it proved to be a fun dance and I even got to see some friends getting engaged!

I got an email from the Royal Theatre about a special promotion for the ballet being shown the next day - all tickets were 75 kr for students! That is incredibly cheap so I quickly snagged up one and invited first-time-ballet-watcher Maria with me. 
We joked she might get to see the Queen on her first ever visit to the theatre and well... she did! Really funny that she came!
As always I was mesmerized. A little less than usually, due to the lack of WOW costumes in The Death in Venice.

We kicked off the semester in style at the big party at uni.

Through a former Disney colleague I scored free tickets to the Circus. I don't remember the last time I had visited one... I'm thinking maybe India in '04. So it was great fun!

We enjoyed the acrobatics a lot!

i have the body of a siren and the sea is so loathe to be parted from me that it left imprints of its waves on my thighs (source)

I had a nice evening out with my family and close family friends last weekend. We ate gourmet pizza and then went to watch The Hundred-foot Journey. I thoroughly loved it, possibly because it showcased the two cultures I've spent the longest times living in abroad growing up: Indian and French. It was a lovely film that allowed me a trip down memory lane - and watching it with the people I'd done those travels with made it all the more nostalgic. 
It even felt like a little piece of me I'd lost to all the stress of uni life came back to me...

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  1. jaaa for alle dine outfit-billeder! <3
    Det er så ærgeligt når man bliver skræmt væk af åbne arrangementer fra at tage cosplay på, men dejligt at i havde en god aften udover blikke.
    Håber du kan finde noget af dig selv igen snart, du må ud og rejse igen