fredag den 5. september 2014

Summer Checklist

Check out my Marauder's map dress! It's ~ reversible ~

Back to witches and wizards and magical beasts ! 1st of September always makes my HP-heart ache.

Summer Bucketlist: Watch a Blockbuster - Check!
Maria and I saw two movies on the Great Cinema Day where all shows are half off woo. We saw Besson's Lucy which was a nice little jem, but my hopes for a The Fifth Element-sort of film did make it disappoint me. Then we saw Edge of Tomorrow - it was amazing entertainment despite my mixed feelings about Tom Cruise.

Summer Bucketlist: Basically eat ice cream every day - Check!
 I even went to the award-winning servers Ismageriet - their caramel is literally to die for.

Summer Bucketlist: Visit relatives - Check!
Yummy strawberry cake in the sun of a summer house's lawn. Heaven....

 Summer Bucketlist: Journey forth into the waters - Check!
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... I've been in the water 8 times this summer which is regretfully more times than the past two years combined.

Me and Stine shared an ice cream bigger than her wee girl.

My favourite thing is getting into work and finding a co-worker-baked cake in our Cast Room. Yes!!!
We've done a lot of things together these past months. It's been fun and relaxed.

A big to-do on my list this summer was to organize my cosplays. It was a pretty weird process and felt super odd to throw out costumes.

But everything is nice and in order now!

Admittedly it took longer than it should have since I kept trying things on. It was great putting on my sari!
One of the things we did with the Company this summer was really super - we got to see The Little Mermaid Musical all together! I ate with Camilla beforehand.

 It was super cute! And I actually really liked some of the costumes.

Naturally I disneybounded it up!

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