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Catching up to Genki2014


Before Summer came and went Genki was held once again. Thursday Kenny and Sascha arrived in my home and we went for a short shoot in my Astrid!

 During the week before the con I put a few touches on Hera and finished two new cosplays: Powerline dancer and Mimi!
 The Powerline wig is made out of two wigs I just had lying around!

Showing you some Hera progess, even though Genki wasn't the debut. The wig's wire was sown into the wig, then covered in painter's tape, paper machéed, and covered in some layers of horisontal hair before the final vertical layers. 

Sadly upon arrival to the Arena I already felt done with the convention - I was tired and not in a good mood for mass socializing. But I kept to my friends and had such a lovely time nontheless! Friday's Genki was spent first in Hera and then in Astrid.

I think I matched the decorations pretty well!

Saturday we didn't have to get up crazy early, which we were all ecstatic about. 

Rehearsalllls. And I fangirled so hard over Emma's Thumbelina.

Along came show time and we were the closing number. The energy wave of screams and cheering that hit us while performing was unbelievable!

That noise scored us the Crowd Favourite award and the judges gave us Alpha Omega as well! So crazy to win two prizes for the 2nd year in a row - I am so flipping surprised and amazed by the amount of love we got.

We relaxed and had a small pizza party outside - where most of the convention was spent due to stellar weather.

More great decorations! That blue rose gave me life.

Allan-coke! Perfect for Genki! And we went to a super boring Otaku Hour - but managed to still have a semi-good time. And Kenny was a doll and came to pick me up (can you say super sweet?)

Mimi took far longer to make than I had anticipated at first - I spent a long time on the hat (forgot how long my Jessie process had been) and that country trim was not as snappy as I had thought it would be! Ended up burning the edges as a seal.

Dear Emi was my Tai and we awakened loads of nostalgia in people and a few asked us to wear them again because they wanted to join the Digi-fun! Looking forward to that!

Most of Sunday was spent on the benches a little away from the Events plaza - which meant quiet and shelter = everything I needed as a con worn-out gal!

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