lørdag den 23. august 2014

H(ell)ugo week 2.0

Before the vacation actually started I had to ace my Film history oral exam. This was the most diffucult exam I have ever experienced. The entire student body basically had a nervous breakdown during the process. 120 years of film history, over 500 film titles and directors, their context and stylistic choices... and we had to know everything by heart - since no notes, books ANYTHING was allowed in the exam.

 Me and my study group crammed daily and it was a huge help with all the pressure. I am so proud of how we all did!

Straight out of the god damn worst week of my life into one with crafting for the yearly party, Hugo Awards. KraftWerket let us use their top floor and it made everything so much easier. It was a crazy week - we were basically there from dusk till dawn. Unfortunately not many came to help... 

One of the late-nights we ate at Werket's "folkekøkken" with cheap food! Yum yum. 
Before the party, I had to do some celebrations though.... since my b-day was the day before the awards! Aybike gave me yellow roses!

 We went to the most high-end restaurant I have ever been to and ate French-Japanese fusion foods. I had such a great time and we then went to sit by Nyhavn as the sun set... Yes, friend dates are always the most romantic.

On the actual day though I took a break from Hugo-prep and treated myself to a day in the company of some of my close friends - something I basically hadn't had time for in 2 months.

Grill food, home-made macarons (all right, they're shake'n'bake), laughter and games. It was such a lovely day. 
My parents gave me some The Great Wave Off Kanagawa clothes and a new tablet (my old one is broken as fuck) + a stylus for the iPad!

Cute riiiight?
Then came the party preparations. Unorthodox "red" carpets? Check! Twin Peaks theme clear? Check!

It was hard work but of course fun! The award show was sweet - complete with our own "Ellen" style selfie.
Then came clean-up at Werket...

Summer! Summer! Summer!

 Also, we have squirrels. Go on. Be jelly.

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