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Party in Paris! Rainy, sunny, Bastille...

Astrid joined me Wednesday and we went to Musée d'Orsay on Thursday. It was such a lovely little museum - even though I liked the location more than the art. Those last two photos though... I really like them and I remember analysing them for art class!

We ate there too - the quiche lorraine was super great!

The "love bridge" collapsed something like a week before we were in Paris and it was crazy that some of the new blank spots had already been entirely or partially filled. I can kind of see why it's too much - of course it spurs some protest.

That is some serious parking skillz. We went to say hi to Mona Lisa too, since Astrid had been a tiny lil' girl when she saw her last and hated being at the Louvre then.

Just seeing those crêpes there makes my mouth water... yum!

We then decided to go to Disneyland the next day, since the weather forecast was the best for the entire week. But when we exited the train the rain started falling harder and harder... lesson learned: don't trust the forecast. We threw away all dignity and became ghosts.

We went mainly for the new Ratatouille attraction! And since it was brand new it broke while we stood in line... so instead of 110 minutes of wait time we stood in line for 3 hours. We talked to this really cool Spanish father and his family for most of the time though. It made the wait so much better. And the children were super adorable - it's always fun to see a kid warm up to you.

Oh lalalaaaa!

It was a super cute attraction!

Fangirling a tiny bit.

I have a weakness for Mickey-shaped foods.

Me and mah booo Philip. And the Art of Disney was super fun for us since they talked about film history! So we giggled at all the things we knew more about.

Concept art for Hades!

Okay, get this: I am terrified of the Tower of Terror. I have no clue as to why. I am not easily frightened. The place gives me the creeps. But Astrid dragged me onto it. I really thought I was going to pass out. Two words: NEVER. AGAIN.

Super sunny all of a sudden!

It was crazy how many people were still at the park seeing as it'd been hours and hours of rain!

Disney Ddddddddddddreams!

Sunny Paris was a balm for our souls.

Chilling with a tarte citron in hand. And even though that guy was super tourist-y, it was kind of amazing to watch.

Love wall in Montmatre!

We also went to the café from Amélie! It was kind of surreal being there..

... also because of the kitschy football decor.

I had a Marylin-moment.

Caramel morning crêpes! And then we went to La Defense! It was the day before la Féte Nationale (Bastille day), so the firemans' balls were being set up all over town. It could have been fun to go to this one too - but seeing as there's one in each arrondissement... we had to choose.

I really liked the Grande Arche - it was a different kind of monument! We were then shocked to find a mall that was open on a Sunday!! And I found a How To Train Your Dragon exhibition... Talk about luck!

The details were crazy!

We wenton a long sunny walk along the Seine and  went through the Fashion House...

... where we found a dude chilling in a tub in their on-site bar. It was weird main.

But it was a super modern area! The buildins behind Astrid are the univeristy library - hence them being shaped like open books.

 We went to cinemateque francaise and revisited Film History. It was super fun to see all the projectors we'd been taught about!

An original model of the Maschinenmensch made by the designer for the cinemateque a few years after the film. And Hitchcock donated the skull from Psycho to them !

It was great seeing a real part of the history of film. Weird being academic on your holiday though....

 Chillaz dinner... followed by snippets of the championship finale. People were all over the streets, gathered around the café screens.

We went to two firemens' balls. The first was super close to us by Les Halles and it was really cozy and family-friendly. All sorts of people were there - all ages.

 They even served foods inside! It was a great party.

We then went home with our stuff and went to the allegedly biggest ball. It was... crazy!! And mostly filled with gays. It had a party within the party and there were people everywhere. It was SO much fun !!

We woke up late after our night out partying and only JUST made it to the military planes being shown off by Champs Elysée,.

I was slightly disappointed by the military parade.. it was kind of boring. And there were so many people everywhere!

We decided to head to Galleries Lafayette for the view and a light macaron snack. And those mannequins will haunt us forever.

Then for some real lunch by Notre Dame. We debated just staying there before going to the airport but opted for a quick visit to la Tour Eiffel.

The atmosphere there was incredible and it made it super hard to leave, knowing we would miss the fantastic fireworks there in the evening. We really hadn't planned ahead when we booked our flights...

I bought some hella sweet sneakers on sale and snagged up Katy Perry rings from Claire's. The surprise of the trip was the great vintage shops we found though - their stuff was amazing and - sugar on top - cheap!! 

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