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Party in Paris! Post-con magic

After the last ECG goodbyes we packed up camp and went to Paris to check into our rented apartment. It was really cozy but super small for 4 people haha!
Even though it was sort of late before we were all ready to leave, since we wanted to nap a bit haha, we decided to go to Disneyland.

We arrived just in time to see the end of the parade and Sabine and Lea was freaking out. They were such adorable first-timers!

We basically just walked around for a bit and throughout our two days there we took things slow c:

Even after a tiresome ECG-week Disneyland managed to fuel us - probably mostly with magic and nerdy positivity. The Star Wars attraction was super cute! I adored the little droids inside. The R2 ear hat was on sale, but I just really have no use for it and wouldn't ever wear it...

We shopped for a little while and then went to eat. Wow, eating in Disneyland. A personal first (since I was retarded and went without last time).

And we went to see Disney Dreams in the rain. It wasn't a lot of rain - just enough to make the experience more magical (and created a nice excuse). No, we weren't crying... it was just raining on our faces!

And then we went shopping in Disney Village and missed the last train. What a thrilling experience... Thank god I know French! I managed to talk up the only other person standing at the platform - a Cat Member - and he was such a big help! He showed us to the night bus and gave us directions on maps and everything. But it meant that we didn't reach REM sleep before 4... So we got to Disney rather late on Tuesday. 
One of my only things on my to-do list was Peter Pan's Flight. I vaguely remember going on it with my parents when I was tiny and I just had to make sure the things I saw in my memory wasn't make-believe or hadn't happened. It was such a short ride but very magical!

The other thing on my list was in Studio Park! So we headed there and waited in line to meet my favourite superhero. Spiderman was a special guest this summer and his meet'n'greet was only open from 19 april to 14 july 2014! I was SO HAPPY when I realized that ECG aligned with his opening hours.

The inside queue was so cute - people had written all sorts of small messages. The Toby one was a thrill - you couldn't really help thinking WHAT IF. So naturally I had to write a little message of my own. I sent him a small kiss and gave him my regards from Black Cat.

Me and Lea especially were super excited. We were watching the ones before us and then all of a sudden Spiderman appeared behind us and scared the living hell out of us, haha! He had clearly seen us fangirling and wanted to do something special. 
When we came out it was raining so I thought I'd take my Singing in the Rain photo at the opportune moment.

We ate with Lady and the Tramp. I always forget how utterly detailed the parks are and this place was super cute.
We then rushed to see the parade and I got me a selfie with Buzz and the others in my Space Ranger get-up.

 These mannequins were super lovely. I adored the triplets.

Arrrr, me hearties yo-ho! And I was basically seeing life flash before my eyes in that moment so kindly immortalized by Disney's cameras.

Apparently you can be a Minnie pirate!

I don't know how I didn't know about the Aladdin passage. It was super gorgeous and one of the biggest surprises of our magical adventure.

Again. Details, details, details.

I smooched up my favourite prince and Benjamin joined us for a little promenade. His face was hilarious - you could just tell he'd spent too long in the parks throughout his life haha.

Rainy castle!

We dines at Planet Hollywood and had tiny birthday celebration for Bine.

They had the costume from the original Scarlet Letter! Yes, excuse me... Film History will probably haunt me forever.
We then had to run to make it in time for Disney Dreams. It was one of the worst bloody runs in my life because we were so full. It felt rather extreme, haha!

But we made it in time! Main Street was filled with umbrellas and we got a new experience of the show because we were further away than Monday.

 Fireworrrrks. We took some photos - we all look super pumped up haha. Then we hurried to the train and got home in a much gentler manner than the previous night!

 I did Disney-shop a little... ok, a lot.

I've been looking at those things for the kitchen for many months, so those buys were planned! 

Wednesday we went around town, seeing a few sights all together. Then we went to the Eiffel Tower to be tourist-y but also...

... to shoot Bine! It was raining kind of a lot but we still got some cute shots. After that just the two of us went to Opera Garnier where I changed into Anastasia. We got some shots in the can but were asked to change after a while - apparently it isn't allowed (anymore - since Nikoline doing it last year was my reason for going).

But it still was a dream come true! And the Opera was so gorgeous!

As thanks I bought her a macaron - it was her first time trying it and she naturally loved it. I had such a great time with those three lovelies. And it was nice staying together in one flat instead of two hotel rooms or something like that. After meeting up in the evening I packed my things and went to find Astrid and get to our hotel. 

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