onsdag den 2. april 2014

Poppopopop the J

This weekend J-popcon '14 was held and I actually had a truly great convention. It was hectic as always, but I never felt uncomfortable as I sometimes have.

A note before we journey onwards: I adore cosplay and cosplayers everywhere. I look to others work and become interested in new methods and ideas. But when it comes to cosplay "idols" I don't always understand the hype. I do have two exceptions though... My favourite thing about cosplays is wigswigswigs and perhaps that is part of the reason why I truly glorify the Russian ladies R&R group, Ryoko-demon and Rei-doll. I've looked up to them for years and never ever thought the day would come where I'd meet them. They were announced as cosplay guests at J-popcon a few months back and I couldn't believe it!

My con started rather early - I went to get my convention bracelet early to avoid hours of queuing which proved to be pointless since we queued for a long time before the entrance ceremony (where the international guests where also introduced). After that Sascha and I got to briefly meet Rei and Ryoko and I failed miserably at keeping my cool.

I was part of a hipster princesses group! It was fun and relaxed to wear my own clothes + a wig. I went to a very relevant-for-me panel about film methods and manga (it was sooo interesting!) and was sad to leave early to go the cosplay show meeting. I caught the last of the Reward animators panel as well!

Emma, Smølf and Kristine was staying at mine over the weekend and they saved my day since we could drive in their car to the convention with my show prop.
We changed into cosplay (I debuted my Astrid from HTTYD2), had rehearsals and tried to keep our nerves in check...

... which isn't normally a problem for me, but I knew I had this judge panel (R&R + Reika) waiting for me. When I went into judging I started shaking, but everything went fine and they were so sweet.
Luckily we had fun backstage to take the edge off.

We goofed around and I saw almost the entire fantastic cosplay show before heading back to go on stage in slot 12. I only had 2 others participating in my category so it felt very odd going on stage - I can't really remember much even though I didn't have bad stage jitters or anything...

... And I managed to qualify for the ECG season 4! Team Denmark headed for Paris in the summer! I am so excited!!!

I went to the Russians' Q&A and learnt a few things I'd been wondering about the Russian cosplay scene. When they pointed to me for my question Rei-Doll kept calling me "the winner, the winner" hahah! I got this polaroid with them as well. 

 Aybike came to see me (and her other friends) Saturday and she made me cry after winning, haha. In the evening I went to the VIP dinner alongside the other winners and food never tasted so good (obviously). I had a long, really lovely talk with Rei-Doll and laughed with the silly Germans.

Sunday I hung out a lot with Stine, we saw the girls' fashion show and the second cosplay show!

We took a quick drive to Nationalmuseet to have some fun in their Purikura machine. It was a nice change from the same con location!

I went to Reika's make-up session and the later VIP meet 'n' greet. I got a more high definition photo with R&R and the ones still in the room in the end took a group photo! So cute.

To end the weekend I went to Wagamama with Kathrine, Stine and Rasmus. We ended up spending over 3 hours there laughing until our stomachs ached and eating delicious food. It was such a great ending to the weekend - and all is well that ends well, right? 

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  1. Det var så hyggeligt at sove ved dig <3 <3 og godt at du havde en god con, vi må gentage succesen næste år




  3. best con-sunday ever! I had a great time at the restaurant with you guys <3 congratulations!