fredag den 11. april 2014

Food comes springing

Post-con life has been good. I've managed to escape the convention flu and after a few rough days with a tired body I started getting my energy back. I met up with Stine and her baby girl (not pictured, asleep) for a heavenly brunch in the city and continued relaxing with the girls on Stine's sofa.

My guests during J-popcon bribed us with delicious cakes and after going sugar-free for a month I just had to eat one after a long walk one evening. That first bite was unbelievable. 

Our order from BH cosmetics finally arrived, and only one eye shadow was damaged. I ordered 1 120 palette, the galaxy palette and 5 different eye glitters - I've been wanting those for a very long time. I've already experimented with all of my new shades, but it's going to take a while to fully remember the good colour combinations hahah.

I found a Jane figurine on eBay and since she was super cheap, being a Gashapon, I bought the Esmeralda as well - I got her for free because I got her price subtracted from the shipping price.

They are super gorgeous and I'm happy with my purchase. It's been years since my last figurine buy (not counting Toy Story merchandise) and it's a funny that they're not anime figurines like my old ones...

Abena asked if I wanted to join some friends for a Wagama event that would give us free admission and attractions to Tivoli and of course I just had to accept her invitation. 

We got sat down early and ate quickly, so we got some hours with sunlight in the theme park.

Stine is the tiniest girl (she was crouching, don't worry - but she's still very short). And that house is calling for a photo shoot.

Selfie with one of the peacocks. It's kind of like Where's Wally? when you visit the park...

I don't think I'd eaten candy floss in 10 years...

Pretty lights and favourite attraction.

 They bloody won one of those chocolates. I've never seen anyone do that irl - it was kind of surreal haha. But a great way to end the evening!

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  1. Nurh hvor er du sød at du/i kunne li småkagerne <3

  2. er glad for at du kunne lide småkagerne <3 worth it. Og jeg har heller aldrig set nogle vinde den chokolde D: slet ikke jelly, men tillykke til dem!