søndag den 27. april 2014

The Easter experience

Easter came and with it we had a break from uni. Or so we were let to believe. I spent a lot of it reading A BUNCH OF ACADEMIC STUFF, but thankfully I'm really interested in my subject.
We only went to one family dinner because I was kept busy, and it was so nice to see my cousins.

My parents gave me the most delicious Easter chocolate though. I just finished eating the last piece, yumyummmm.
My cherry blossom tree also came out to say hi slowly through these past weeks. I always forget how quick they go from "almost there" to "HELLO WORLD".

 Cutiiiiie birdiiiiie. Also, I spontaneously cut off about 20 cm of my hair, because I was slightly bored and frustrated about my uni reading... So yea, not the most though-out plan. But! I am so happy I did it - it's suddenly so incredibly light and I can still do all the same styles. (My baby-hair-that-keeps-getting-thicker-and-longer is getting ridiculous though. I have a fringe bc of it....)

Last photo was taken today, it's in full bloom now!

I went to the premiere of The Amazing Spider-man 2. It was a gala and a bunch of reality stars and other VIPs were there, super weird. But the ticket came with a bunch of freebies and mini-burgers !
Boy did I cry! And the visual effects were absolutely stunninnnnnng! Electro's powers looked amazing and the final battle location reminded me of Tron Legacy (which is a good thing)!

Before going to the theatre, I went to a Disney CM meeting where we were introduced to the new Star Wars line. Spiderman started running on the trees, such nice timing!
Imperial had dolled up their space with electrical shifting lights, upside-down photo op location and other cool stuff! + a bonus massive ad.

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