onsdag den 5. marts 2014

Ordering pizza with Ellen

The Oscars arrived one very pretty evening! I'd booked seats for myself and 7 other film students a few months ago and we'd been gearing each other up ever since!
We met up just around the corner from the theatre showing the live-steaming for a quick and cheap bite at Chilimilli's cafeteria restaurant.

We then went for champagne in the entrance hall and waited for the pre-show film: 12 years a slave! It was great seeing it as it came to win Best Picture. It was beautifully photographed too.


 I finally got to wear my purple 12 pound dress with buttons all the way down the back. The long train makes it hard to wear a lot. I added a DIY Turkish lace applique belt since it was a bit simple though.
Everyone had dressed up - worn more make-up, worn the longest dresses in the wardrobe.. I think generally about 70 % of the audience was in fancy dress this year - it keeps accumulating!

 My expectations to Ellen as a host were SO HIGH you have no idea. And from the minute she started her opening monologue I loved her as a host. She brought relaxation and a burst of fresh air into the award show.
When Helium won short film the audience went ballistic with Danish pride!
Jared Leto was the first win of the evening and his speech was my absolute favourite - he included Ukraine and had a fantastic message, while also being personal. So was Cate Blanchett and she spread awareness about the lack of female leads in Hollywood. Honorary mention to the Frozen songwriters' cutesy speech.

Cate Blanchett and Pink wore my favourite dresses of the night. Pink's performance was so great too - I really liked the Wizard of Oz 75th celebration throughout.

The sun is slowly returning to Denmark...

Skyping with Aybike with spring flowers on my desk.

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  1. oscarene var så fine i år <3 der var meget større fremmøde i Aalborg end der var sidste år, fedt at folk i københavn også går mere op i det :D (du ser slet ikke nøgen ud på de første to billeder)

  2. That dress, guuuurl! So gorgeous!! And good you had a great Oscars :D