mandag den 17. juni 2013

The meaning of Liv is 42

This weekend was filled with celebrations!
Friday me and Mickey hosted our Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy sci-fi themed birthday party in honour of our combined 42 years.
Mickey dressed up as a certain Back to the Future doctor and I became a Marsian!

We'd made all these posters and things we dolled up Werket with.

Fancy guests who came dressed upp.

Yes that was a "thanks for all the fish" dolphin, but it deflated pretty quickly. :( But we still had our countdown and a LED-smitten gift table!

Marie only had one sci-fi themed postcard so she cut it down the middle and gave us both a half! Such a cute idea.

Sci-fi make-up and Men In Blacks! Even the people from my high school class came dressed up :O

I had made E.T.-cheesecake and food for the people who still partied on beyond 3 o'clock.

I guess Magnus mourned the departed dolphin?

When the countdown ended at midnight we threw out a lot of glow sticks for people to wear and the party turned rave for a little bit.

 Dancing, playing football... :D

Stine came even though she's around 6 months pregnant! And dolled up as a Wader Woman at that!

Smoke machine and flashing liiights.

I got an embarrassingly large amount of One Direction things. The girls had even thought about getting me a duvet set with them on ! Thankfully they settled for this semi-tiny Niall cardboard figure.

Yes, I did change into something more comfortable after midnight.

More references!

See what Ali is doing? He's making smoke bubbles - how cool is that, hah! Smoke inside the water.

 I had a terrific night and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves!! So great after all the energy we put into planning it.

Sunday I went to Aybike's graduation throwdown and danced the night again once more. We sort of had a bathroom afterparty seeing as the few sleepover guests spent about an hour in there washing our feet before turning in and then 2 hours in her sauna Sunday. Felt a bit like a spa getaway!

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  1. Det ser ud som om det har været en vildt god fest! <3 :D <3

  2. fuck jeres fest så ud til at have været good-times ~ Så er man ked af at bo i den modsatte ende af landet :C men ja, tillykke søde Liv

  3. Your party looks like so much fun :D
    I love that so many people dressed up for the occasion!! And all the nerdy references are awesome xD