tirsdag den 25. juni 2013

Stringing along creatively

Dino came to join the fun last week before my party. He quickly got cozy with my Simba!

I recently received a new skirt +bow set from Liz Lisa and it needed to go together with the cuteness of Dino.

Because we went arty! Dino had never been to Louisiana so we went there look at Yoko Ono's installations. It was a bit of a let-down imo. This glass cage where the walls had that one-way visibility glass like in police stationa where they can see the criminal but not the other way around was the highligt.

Thankfully we had Tara Donnovan to look at! She makes these super incredible sculptures made of ordinary materials. See that wall Dino is observing? That is made of...

... Straws! Thousands and thousands of straws. So crazy! 
It was pouring down alllll day.

But we went out in it anyway. Adventuuuuure! 

Aaaah so gorgeousss!! It was actually not supposed to be open but they extended the exhibition. Yessss.

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