tirsdag den 11. juni 2013

Elastic Comics

All riiight!! I went to Copenhagen Comics last weekend (my computer died so I've been dying to make this blog update for a week, haha)
It's been three years since the last one, and I'd been looking so much forward to it! At Copenhagen Comics you don't always know the artists or their work, but you always end up with new knowledge somehow - and that's what makes me love going there.

We saw a bunch of panels where this one with John Kenn Mortensen (he had the greatest humour) and Brian Mørk was the funniest. The artist illustrated and interpreted Mørk's nightmares and it was just brilliant, haha!

I debuted a new costume: my Elastigirl! I'd thought some of the other lovelies would turn up in costumes but I ended up pretty much being the only one. Still, it was fantastic - look what that little girl is drawing. Make my heart flutter with delight, will you.

The doodle wall was great fun. And we found a Frozone!!

Patrick and Shelly Block, Donald Duck artists, held a panel we attended and we talked a lot with them. They were such a couple of sweethearts! Lovely to hear of the way they work together both as a married couple and as a firm of sorts.

And then Michael showed up and I kidnapped him to the rooftop that matched my costumes perfectly for "a few" snapshots. The convention hall closed for the day and we sat and enjoyed the sun.

The Animation Workshop had a booth and Rasmus drooled over the postcards with The Reward motifs. Then we all went to Bento for dinner, joined by Lea.

Hardcore eating, yummy yummy.

New doodles! Including one of the guys from The Reward !

I got in line for some drawings. Stine Stregen was present and I just had to get one of her drawings, so I waited patiently with Nadja and Sascha. Dan R. Knudsen entertained and drew for us as well c:

Panel on the new Danish superhero film that has broken every costume record in the country -- Antboy. Nicolas Bro plays the villain and he's a very cool Dane. He hung out the whole weekend anyway, haha.

Lunch at Sunsetttt.

The final event on the programme was the Drawing Duel. Artists had to draw morphs between for example Superman and Goofy (above) and Captain Haddock and Black Widow + Dragon ball and Iron Man (below).

Ariellah and Nadja were  the announcers of the rounds.
Finalist had to draw each other and an imminent threat. Stinestregen ended up winning.

Another from the Duel: The Joker's present for Superman. And Tina broke Batman. Yahooooo!

We spent a lot of the weekend browsing the stands as well c:

I ended up getting all of this for free ! Drawings by Stine, Patrick Block, Peter Madsen and Dan R. Knudsen. + one from Jiro Taniguchi in a book for my father. Free magazines and Tintin comic, wee!

And I got me some ElfQuest real cheap *__* plus some cutesy Star Wars figurines.

I had a grand weekend ! How was yours?

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  1. It was an amazing weekend. I went over there as well, and it was better than expected, I really hope that they have them more regularly than every 2 years or 3 years :)