lørdag den 22. juni 2013

Roundabout aging

The sun rose on the day of my birth for the 20th time. In Denmark "round" birthdays are a big thing and it feels a bit odd to have rounded that corner. It seems like I should be a proper adult now, haha.

I celebrated in the morning as we always do in my family and then we went out to eat with my aunt and some friends.

Aybike came along for the ride.

Delicious crepes ! I think it is probably my favourite when it comes to food.

Aybike and I bought some great Mike watches. Weee. And look at my present from her!! The Daft gods <3 p="">

I got a celebration after my shift at work! Sweetheart colleuges. And in the evening I joined forces with some girls of mine and danced till I dropped haha!

I wore my Minnie ear hat for the occassion. And I got myself this super great vintage dress for only 75 kr!! The lace is to die for mygod.

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  1. Beautiful Liv, I'm happy you had a great Birthday ♥♥♥ You deserve it, darling!