lørdag den 4. maj 2013

Sakura Scar Games

Last weekend was the annual event that entails sitting on the ground enjoying the sun for hours on end: Sakura Festival out in the Langelinie Park. As always great well-known and new faces were present for me to behold and I even had some home-made sushi to dig into.

 The sun finally arrived in Denmark, haha! Goodbye winter and coldness (yes I am aware that this might jinx the weather). I have real proper freckles on my sun-kissed nose and cheeky-cheeks now.

Some people came to my place and instead of gaming we resorted to some rounds of charades - and it was really much funnier than we'd thought it'd be. We were boys vs. girls just to put a bit of competition into the games.

 When someone performed miserably ill in favour of the opposite team they had to wear the Crown of Shame, which Marie so prettily models above. I really had a greattt Saturday - and Sunday, but not many photos from that day has been brought to my attention.

Something that has caught my attention is my old Gameboy Colour and its' Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone game which I dug up from the deepest pits of my cellar while searching for - ironically - another Harry Potter game (this hunt was unsuccessful I am sorry to report).
Would you look at the amount of sass this game is putting up...

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  1. DET GAMLE HP-SPIL TIL GAMEBOY ER BARE SÅ GODT MAN! (Jeg har også 2'eren, det er good stuff)