torsdag den 9. maj 2013

Spring's entertainment

This week I've been lying outside in my bikini, sucking in the sun and heat AND violently staying inside while rain and thunder reigned outside. You've gotta love that Danish spring time!

 Yesterday I went to a café with a few of my former classmates. It's always great to see them - even if it feels a bit odd since it's somehow like stepping inside a time machine. We played a game of gambling cards.
I brought everyone's best mates Chip and Dale ;)

Hello, my dearest freckles. I welcome thee! They didn't appear last year due to my skin's change during my acne pill treatment and I'm as happy as punch to see them reappear.

 Of course I've been to the cinema a few times in the past weeks. Highlights were 1) Iron Man 3 which was soooo much better than the second instalment of the franchise and 2) Anna Karenina (finallyyyyy, I've waited a year hahaha), a must for anyone interested in costuming after it won its' Oscar for just that. It was a very unique experience since practically the whole film in set inside a theatre - I made for some fantastic transitions between scenes and great solutions to cinematic problems.

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