onsdag den 17. april 2013

London just won't stop calling

Yes, I have travelled to London four times in one year. It is a bit much, I am aware.

 This time I went with two girls from my high school class to celebrate Rie's return from Africa and her birthday. For her b-day dinner we went to TGI Friday's for some cake gratuit. Our waiters were quite the charmers and ended up giving Rie a children's hat instead of the breaded circle the other celebrating adults were given, haha.

 It was a grrreat night and we ended up finding the possible only other Danes in town at a club.

Thursday we went full-on culture ! We went to Shakespeare's The Globe and quoted our favourite parts, remembering the fun lectures some years ago.

 The sign on the Elizabethan dress explained how incredible the 1,000 stones hand-sewn on was. Psss, nothing out of the ordinary for a cosplayer.

 We also went to Tate Modern for the fantastic Lichtenstein exhibition - the largest on his works since the 70s!! I was quite blown away and even the girls, who are not so bewitched by him, was intrigued and eager to see everything. It was an odd feeling to see such famous works in the flesh !

 And this sculpture won my heart. And then completely crushed it because of the pricetag. Remind me of this if I ever win the lottery.

 Yum yum, Italian food!


Camden adventures! Very relevant briefcase, nice food and a bill in a treasure box.

We really wanted a theatre night and decided on the Lion King musical. I watched it when I was 9 but couldn't remember much. It was an amazing experience for us all!

After singing along with Simba and letting a few tears run we were rendered hungry and swung by a bistro with a theatre menu. It was surprisingly delicious.

I wore my new Karen Millen dress <3 br="">

 Saturday was our royal day. We visited Westminster Abbey and agreed that The Lady's Chapel is probably the most beautiful wedding setting we've ever seen. We even asked if it was available for booking for ordinary people, ahahha.

Arrr, Maria is getting shot by 007 ! Bond street tube station was dolled up for the film release on home video. Every flipping surface was covered in Skyfall ads.

 (Talk about one piece of cute girl)
We started planning this trip over a year ago, when we bought One Direction concert tickets. And the Wednesday we arrived in London the Red Nose Day "One Way Or Another" video hit Youtube and it was the perfect warm-up for the concert. When we were home at the hotel we had the music channel on the telly turned on and by the end of the week we hated the words NOW I'M LYING ON THE STONE COLD GROUND and flipped out at the very first note of a 1D song.

We were ready for lift offfff! Seeing the O2 was quite an experience. It almost felt like a mini-Disneyland.

It was a super fun concert and we were incredibly happy to see that the average age of the girls present were about 21. We'd expected the venue to be much bigger and therefore we were much closer to the stage than we'd thought we'd be - yesssss!


Monday Rie journeyed onwards and left Maria and myself alone in London. We went to Goldhawk Road for my cosplay fabric shopping. It was fantastiiiiiiiiccc!! 40 fabric shops on one road. It makes me want to weep ahahhah.
And those love lockets were a surprise at Covent Gardent. I got some serious Peter Pan feels over the Wendy one.

"Bye bye London"-ice cream fiesta.

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  1. Omg nu savner jeg London :'D
    Lyder til at I har haft en rigtig god tur ~

  2. Seems like a really nice trip :) I spotted a few Primark bags in one picture, so thought: Could you by any chance make a primark haul? Because who doesn't flipping love Primark :)

    Also you seem to travel a lot so why not make the "wanderlust tag" you can find the questions on my blog:)

  3. TGI Friday is so good :D Love their menus!
    And the Lion King is such a great musical - it's totally understandable that you shed some tears ♥

    It's nice to see that you girls had such a great time ;w;