torsdag den 16. maj 2013

F. Scotty Comic

Let me tell you about my current state of mind: Inexplicable excitement. I am finally going to watch The Great Gatsby tonight. I am already in worship of Baz Luhrmann and I really can't wait to see this latest (I hope) masterpiece. The glamour! The glitz! The Bling! The magnificence! The art deco! The fashion!

Spoiler, I guess? But the book is old, so I don't care + this is super cutely drawn! I re-read it last week on audio book - it really is a wonderful piece of literature.

The bees are a-buzzing in my blooming tree. 

I got some goodies last week on Free Comic Book Day! The Tinkerbell comic was surprisingly sweet and the drawing style was almost a copy of how W.I.T.C.H: was drawn hahah. And I finally learned a bit about who Archie is.

Also, I finally entered the modern age with a smart phone. Booyah for cutesy covers!

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