torsdag den 1. november 2012

Exploring MCM

I have returned from both Sicily and London and its' MCM Expo (where I went after only 11 hours home in Denmark, why did I think that was a marvellous idea?) ! After I landed in Gatwick I went into central London to meet up with Naomi, who I was staying with, and the Swiss ECG group's girl, Jenny, + other Swiss people. We went to see Tower of London (my first time!)....

... took a boat trip down the Thames to Embankment and London Eye...

And saw the Parliament! It looked so pretty in the golden hour's sunlight.

The Swiss were soooo slow, haha - but it was their first time in London, so naturally they wanted to 
take photos and whatnot.


From there on we walked to the palace to see if the Queen was in (she was not) and then went our separate ways - the Swiss to their hotel and us back to Naomi's place.

The next day I spent finishing my Anastasia cosplay in good time, haha..ha...ha. And then I went into London because the other Danes had arrived - and two of them turned another leaf and became one year older that Thursday.

Oli and Louise with their b-day ribs at TGI Fridays.

There were about 10-15 guests in total? Brits, Danes and also two Germans - Sina included. Mmmhm, the food was really good!

And since it was a b-day dinner we got free cake! That one piece was enough for us 5 people Ö

Afterwards we popped by M&M store, which was absolutely ridiculous. I could understand a maximum of 2 store levels - 4 is just utterly too much.

Friday I went to the Expo and met up with Sascha and Kenny, while Naomi helped the UK Euro Cosplay representative out. And when we walked around the Expo I received a very nice surprise - the Misfits cast + writer was present!! It overwhelmed me and I got their autographs, a nice chat and a photo with them (even through my shakiness).

But Friday was a short day, so it was quickly over.

I went to eat with Louise and Oli at a nearby "pub". And Sina was there too, haha.

Saturday was mostly one long wait for the Euro Cosplay Finals, since we wanted good seats for the show. But the wait paid off and we got front seats!  Together with some Swedish blokes - Scandinavian front row! I hung out with the Danes all day and Sascha has a greater camera than me, so I actually didn't really take any photos, haha. 
At the Finals I found Saya and Nico from the ECG! They'd come to support their countries as well. I suddenly felt bad for not having brought a flag ;)

Naomi and I took some food with us on the way home. Mmmhm, chicken <3 br="br">

Sunday I arrived early and even dressed in cosplay already. So we took a look around artist alley, saw a Dalek in line for the card machine and walked about the remaining unseen areas.

Have you seen this episode of Avatar? My favourite moment is when Katara leaps into the Star Wars universe! (I had a fangirling time, yes.)
MCM Expo had this really great thing: A cosplay fix-it stand. It had everything in case some of your cosplay broke - hot glue, needle and thread, gaffa tape and the likes. Such a good idea!
Kenny had to leave for the airport very early, and so did...

... Nico! Saya and I tracked him down just before he took off. After that I walked around with her a bit. It was so nice to see her again <3 p="p">

Louise and I went into the BBC's Doctor Who stand. We got our passports and encountered the Daleks, ahha.

The Cyberman was really cool! ö And the TARDIS' lights lit up.

Sunday we walked back and forth between the front of London ExCel, since we were going to join the cosplay proposal happening there. And finally the guy and his bride-to-be arrived and he popped the question. It was so sweet!

 Aferwards we were encouraged to sign the "Say yes" banner we'd been holding. It was a nice feeling to have participated in such a joyful event.

There was this tiny Aang at the con. He was the cutest, but also very shy. I talked to him both Friday and Sunday and by the end of Sunday he was actually the one to start our conversations, greeting me with a smile on his face. Children are so adorable!

God, I had some magical surprise-cosplays in front of me. The Princess Designer Doll girls were all so gorgeous - I saw all 10 of them, but only got these 6 in photos. And the Scooby gang were simply wonderful, haha.

 The dealer room was impressive and I was very surprised to see the pin-trading being represented, haha. All dem Disney pins!

But of course all good things come to an end, and my feet were very thankful for that. So I returned to the now super messy room at  Naomi's and we had our first relaxing evening together.

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