mandag den 12. november 2012

Monday à la Brit

 Whilst still in London (oh how I miss it already) I spent a Monday morning eating breakfast at Paul - how very British, I am aware - and going to the National Gallery.

It was a wonderfully sunny time of the day and even though it was rather cold, I was very content with the situation, haha. Everything just looks so gorgeous with sunlight gushing down from above.

I hadn't expected anything grand about the interiors of the gallery and was very surprised to see how artistic the building in itself was. And it was so pleasant to see some famous pieces of art. I especially liked Turner's Odysseus. The colours were fantastic and if you looked closely you could see the shadows of Apollo's horses dragging the sun-wagon.

Since I was only in the city for a small period of time my schedule was quite cramped. I went to Oxford street right after the Gallery and when it suddenly started raining I found myself right outside Disney Store. Forced to go in and hide from the rain I found the Store dolled up for christmas!

The ladies were in their winter cloaks and outside Oxford street was preparing for Robbie coming to turn the lights on November 1st.

When I saw that Santa sleigh I was so done. That is just so massive!

Cute Mickey is cute. Okay okay! Disney spam ended.

Selfridge looked so glamorous ! It's always fun to see what the Brits have in their store windows, since the Christmas traditions are so different from here. Look at those hats! Royal boys, haha.

Primark have now launched kigurumi on the western market...
With shopping taken care of I went to meet Sascha! We went to the Victoria & Albert museum, since Naomi's mother had told me about a great exhibition which had just begun there.
Sascha is climbing those stairs like a boss!

They had a lot of furniture and such items. Artistic furniture, I should probably say. Look a those enamel details.

Most uncomfortable throne in the world's history? This is a clear candidate.

Cool armour!
The special exhibition was Hollywood Costumes and we were both sooo excited for it, but since it was a school holiday with loads of Monday childrens' events all tickets were sold out for it. Bummed out we toured the museums permanent areas.

Siiigh, all those costumes. From Titanic, 101 Dalmatiens, Wizard of Oz... But then, this sword's handle was made in the shape of a shrimp. Pretty neat as well.


Yet again the building was old and stunning with the tallest ceilings I've seen in a while. It was so lovely when the garden was illuminated. 
The last area we visited was the FASHION one. With contemporary items and very old ones as well.

Mini-people and floating bras.

Fantastic laces and methods to increase to butt's size.

Wow, big muscles on that broad!

We left a bit before the closing to avoid the masses of people and walked about the nearby streets looking for a restaurant - we were starrrving. We then spotted a sign advertising some Indian restaurant. All we had to do was go down this dodgy staircase, walk around in some cellar and then knock on a door to get it unlocked... And we found ourselves in a very nice joint!

The food tasted great and you could tell it was run by someone who knew their Indian. We sniggered at the "for eggytarians". 
I had such a good afternoon with the lil' girl. When we walked to the tube the Natural Museum looked splendid with the tree lights!

But it was time for my English adventure to have an end. So I laid down on my suitcase to get it shut with the help of Naomi's zipper-pulling hands and made my way home from Gatwick.

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