søndag den 25. november 2012

The Big Four all together: Guardians of traditions

Okay, so I went to see Rise of the Guardians, a film I've been waiting anxiously for since I saw the trailer a year ago. It was visually stunning - the textures in skin and the Tooth Fairy's feathers were incredible and as were their backdrops. It was a very funny film too - I burst into laughter on several occasions!

Even though it was clearly aimed for smaller children in some scenes, they still came out enjoyable for adults and I took great pleasure in watching it. The film was very much driven by the characters and perhaps a bit too much - real plot didn't have so much space.

It was a fantastic holiday film and I'll be sure to watch it every winter! 

Some days ago Peter Ramsey, director of RotG, had a AMA over at reddit and I asked him the above question. That was very exciting, haha! Aaaaah, starstruck ...

Yesterday the whole family sat down to prep for Christmas. We made these traditional decorations with pine and christmas elfs while listening to our x-mas record. It was all very nice - I can't believe we're just one month away from the culmination of Christmas!

And to finish off - a winter-y outfit from going to watch Rise. If I had had feathers I would have done something more Toothiana-ish, but it went in a more Jack Frost-y way, haha.

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  1. Skal ind og se Guardians på tirsdag, glæææææder miiig <3 <3
    Nu hvor min fødselsdag er ovre skal ALT julepynten frem :D:D:D