mandag den 15. oktober 2012

Cruella's manic style

 The LE Villains Designer Collection Cruella De Vil doll came out today, and I rushed to my store to get her. When the drawings and later the photos of the dolls appeared in the summer, Cruella just caught my eye and I've been waiting quite impatiently for her to come out. Why did she have to be last?!

I got the included Villains bag, which is actually amazingly thick and I believe it can take quite a few blasts to its sides. And the doll's "glass" (cough, plastic, cough) frame was covered by a printed cardboard sheet. I must admit that showcase really does the difference - it feels so much more like a collectible item.

Urg, she is perfection. The lashes are nice and curved, the hairstyle is created without any visible seams and her eyes... HER EYES.

 She comes with her pipe and hand back and a gemstone has been glued to her glove to replace the ring.

 Her eye-shadow has this glitter effect and it's just so smooth and pretty. Plus the lining above the eyes is purple! It's such a nice colour when put up against Cruella's pale face mold.

Siiigh. Goodbye Cruella. See you in a week when I return from Italyyy.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fuuu!! So gorgeous! <3
    I have way too many want feels over the Ursula one!

  2. das so cool! you're right, she looks perrrfect