torsdag den 6. december 2012

Indian X-mas?

On the first day of Christmas (aka 1st of December) all of Denmark woke up to find a winter wonderland outside - magically the snow arrived just as December started! I - being a huge fan of snow - was delighted and even more so when it didn't go away - we're now on the 6th continuous day of xmas snow!

This Saturday Jill hosted an event at KraftWerket (sort of an available space meant for youths in the city) and I attended alongside some known faces. We dolled the house up for Christmas and baked, baked, baked all the different holiday cakes and cookies!
I tried baking and deep-frying a sort of crullers (klejner) for the first time - it was really fun!

Cookiesssss in all the shapes!

And when I say ALL shapes... Dinosaurs too. In another room some worked on moulding the telly into a fake fireplace and wrapping empty boxes .

Marie at work with the fireeee sporting a cardboard cap and Dennis working his (cough cough) magic with the gift ribbons.

Presents everywhere!! And cookies on the floor :(

Tina and I began decorating - it was surprisingly hard to do! But one of the other youths made us some home-made hot coco, so we were quiet content anyway, haha.

Tina was so much better than me - she made that heart!! Mental. We got to take some of the cakes with us home c:

Yesterday I went to watch Life of Pi with Marie at a pre-premiere. As always they'd made an effort to make it an exciting experience - they had a Richard Parker dummy in a boat as decoration, incense in the air and cakes and drinks for grabs. Plus some girls came to bust some Bollywood moves!

I wore one of our Indian get-ups. We don't have a lot left since the flooding of our cellar last year, but we do still have a few items from our long stays in India. It was very fun to see that Pi was supposed to live in Pondicherry, since I've spent about 2 moths there...

It was such a gorgeous movie with the most amazing stills compositions. Colourful, vibrant! It was a pleasure to watch even though the action was slow-paced. Usually I don't enjoy the sort of "flashback-narration" in films but it worked great in "Pi"!

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  1. Alle de småkaaager o_____o hvem har dem nu? vedkommende drukner i småkager hele julen

  2. So much pretty /bot cold/ snow everywhere (●´∀`●)

    All those Christmas cookies look so delicious and adorable! ( ꒪∀꒪)ノ

    And you look absolutely stunning in the Indian outfit!