lørdag den 13. oktober 2012

Naming a jittering colour

 Some weeks ago I went to this superb party during the Copenhagen Golden Days festival, which is an annual festival I must admit I'd never heard of before. The theme this time around was - the 50ies! Right up my alley of interest, haha. The event was held in Arbejdermuseet (the workers' museum) where they had an exhibition and the socialdemokratic party's old assembly hall from those years. A great spot for it!
I went with Rikke, and we were taught jitterbug - so we were ready for the night of rock'n'roll and hand jives - and had a traditional Danish meal there.

 People really came in their finest. There was actually also hairdressers present to do the participants' hair, but not a whole lot came through that. They'd sort of implied that everyone would get their turn, so I came without having done my hair. It was such a shame ! Especially when all them ladies with fabulous swing in their curls passed by.

We took a quick look at the exhibition too. Look a those rollers! So fun to see - my great-gran used to have some just like that.

And my rockabilly dress, which had by this our lost its puff, hahah.

There's been a great deal of rainbows in the past weeks. 
I ordered some jewelery from di depux, while they had a special offer. Aaand of course I bought a little bit more than just that. The peace necklace was an extra gift - so nice! The order came quick, considered that they custom-made my order, and everything was so nicely wrapped.

They had a 2 for 1 name necklace offer, so I got Liv (is) Alive, haha. My name is so short and hard to make pretty in letters, but I'd really wanted a name necklace for a long while. This is such a fun way to do my name, and I wear it all the time, haha. The "Alive" is just a bonus :D 
+ I couldn't resist these glittering POW earrings.

Also! I got around to do something with my hair, which I've wanted to do since last christmas. I dyed my hair in a more wild shade than just drown!

It's actually a turquoise colour, but since my hair isn't bleached it turned out more aqua! But that's cool too, imo.

 I loooove it. I will definitely enjoy these next weeks with a pop of colour, before the dye washes out.

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