torsdag den 16. februar 2012

Strappy lion

I bought some cute straps a while back and finally got around to strap them around some of my possessions. I have been wanting to lighten up my LV for a long time, and those glittery Minnie straps were perfect for that purpose!
In other news: Last week was the final week before the 1-week winter break and that was quite a relief, because I do not think I could have spent even one more hour in that school building! But another one was fine...

... because I went to see Nørre High School perform their version of the Lion King in their school musical The King. I went with some friends to see Kathrine, but then it turned out that I knew 2 other people in the performance and I met 3 people who sat in the audience. Beware, this will be along post - but I want to remember!
Here you see first Scar and Zazu and then how they did "I can't wait to be king".

Hyenas! Their movements were really good and stuck well to the characters. And then Mufasa and Simba watching the sky with alllll their ancestors. And shadow art in the background by Rafiki - I thought it was a smart way of doing the Lion King Musical's shadow art in their own way.

And then Mufasa fell!! Scar, you evil plotter!

Simba being devastated, Rafiki mourning the loss. And yes, I actually teared a bit up at this point (whatthebleepiswrongwithme).

Timon and Pumba finds him! And did you guys notice the stage? Those patterns? They were made with gaffa tape, haha! Such a clever solution to transforming a gym hall to the savanna!
And then Simba was all grown up and had earned the right to wear his own triangle on his breast (aka his mane).

The girl playing Nala had a bloddy amazing voice! I just sat there, mesmerized, when she sang. And hen she just happened to sing Shadowland, which is just splendid. Of course the musical choir backed her up greatly, but gosh it sounded so heavenly!

And then the magic happened, when Simba and Nala met once more...

Can you feel the looooove tonight. It was a very nice song in the musical - the dancers was really good too! I loved the idea with the lights...

And then came the return of Rafiki!

"Simba is not dead!"
Rafiki was really very good! She was very expressive and had a nice voice too!

Come on Simba, HE LIVES IN YOU, go king out Scar!

Fighting with le Scar and the hyenas.

Happy end!
It was a very good play! But seeing as I have seen the musical in London of course I had seen a grander performance of it. But the whole thing seemed very professional, and OH MY there is a lot of talent on that school!

Kathrine in her fabulous savanna outfit. She was in the choir!

And of course I did not intend on going in the nude to the musical, so I wore a bit of clothing and the images above illustrate that.
... My room is a mess...


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  1. Musicalen så godt nok flot ud!!

  2. Jeg skulle have vidst at du var der!
    Jeg kan se mig selv på billederne :3
    .... btw, så er jeg super glad for at rafiki mourns rørte dig! Sangerne og fantastiske, rafiki er så cool!! desuden jeg var en af de to der dansede og vi har lavet det.. ^^,

  3. Wooooooooow aaaaaalle de billeder. Noget siger mig du rigtig godt kunne lide den ;) <3 wuuuuuuh KATHRINE! :D :D :D

    Ved du hvad Liv? Jeg er rigtig glad for, at du ikke gik nøgen <3