søndag den 26. februar 2012

Double A

My winter break concluded with a long weekend in Aalborg! I flew over there from Kastrup Airport Friday and went home Sunday evening. It was so nice to just fly over instead of taking the train - it would have taken 4 hours or something! With airplanes the distance is only about 45 minutes.

The gorgeous Terminal 1. And fancy who I met - Allan, also on his way to Aalborg. This was not that big of a chocker though, sincethe dominant reason for my going there was Sascha and Astrid's 42th birthday party! And Allan was also an invitee.

Astrid came to pick me up in the airport and when we reached home, I locked her out. Much to her displeasure. But after a long walk in her sorrounding nature, all was well again. We spent the evening watching the series 4 finale of Doctor Who, and it had me sobbing like a lady. I was beautiful.. or so Astrid told me. Apparently red faces intrigue her.

Saturday we went to Louise's dad's house to make the side house pretty and circus-y. Because the birthday party was themed! The girls had worked hard with all the decorations and they were so pretty!

My here-is-what-I-have-in-my-closet circus outfit. Somewhat ringmaster inspired - like a LOT of us. Sascha and I were each others opposites! Where I was red, she was black and the other way around.

Gorgeous party people.

And after eating tortillas we started the party! Dancing, drinking and chatting with 110 km/h.

Gabi looking splendid in HER ringmaster outfit + a ghost kiss haha.


Drinking game! Line had to unzip her dress, haha! And Nadia was so hot.

Lovely girlies.

One of Astrid's presents came in a Mario box, and she was very confused. But when she opened it one of her dream dresses since 3 years ago appeared before her and she started crying out of sheer happiness. Which meant Liv and Kristine to the cheer-up rescue!

Opening presents!
I gave Sascha some Disney Couture jewellery along with Emma and Kristine and she was sooo happy about it! She had actually been looking at the ring herself, so we hit a good spot.

Forever alone was hung up in the toilet, haha!

Brilliant cakes! The rabbit one was a carrot cake (pun intended?) and the Final Fantasy was made of delicious chocolate!

I borrowed Emma's mobile phone and prank texted her boyfriend, haha.

Everyone suddenly had red kiss marks... Don't look at me!

But in the end we were kind of wasted and Astrid, Gabi and I took a taxi (Kennyyyy) home.

We spent the day after by going to a café and visiting the left-over crew at Sascha and Kenny's apartment! I had not seen their place before, so I was surprised about the scale of it!


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  1. Tak for en fantastisk aften <3
    Du er en af de bedste jeg har, og husk DOOON'T STOP BELIIIIVING!!

    And Liv trying her eyes out... you two are so lovely :'D

    I loooved your hair at the party!

  3. Aaaaw godt indlæg! :D tog mig lige en uge tilbage. Det var sådan en dejlig fest.

    Elsker Astrids ansigt xD you-got-pranked-face haha <3