mandag den 12. marts 2012

Party Rock is in da...


I went to a LMFAO concert March 21th along with two girls from my class, Rie and Maria! We had agreed on finding and wearing the most colourful items in our wardrobes, so I decided on this! JSG is very LMFAO-ish... I guess?

The concert took place in Falkoner Salen, which actually had not been the original plan - but because of quick ticket sell-out they moved to a bigger location. The lighting was much better than it would have been in the other place, so we were really happy about it!

The warm-up guys were really good actually! They knew just how to get the crowd going even though no one knew their songs. And they went crowd surfing! A wee bit happy I was not standing where they jumped, haha, they were so sweaty!

We stood almost in the middle with only two rows of people in front of us - so great! Even though some crazy fangirl kept trying to squeeze further ahead :C

And then the Party Rock Crew went on stage and the girls around us screamed their lungs out!

One of the guys in LMFAO was sick, and we'd been so close to returning our tickets because of it. Afro dude did it great on his own though! But the backup dancers helped a lot too.

During the concert they kept throwing random object out to the audience. Anddd....

... I caught this! A foam light! I was freaking a bit out. It was silly, but you get so hyped at concerts.

create an animated gif

It was so fun, because you could make it change colours every half second, make it blink one colour or turn it off completely when you got tired in the arm. So brilliant! And it makes a fine souvenir.

Party on!

The climax was most definitely when all lights suddenly flashed up anew and one trillion confetti strips fell down from the sky! There were so many that it was IMPOSSIBLE to see Maria or Rie through all the whiteness let alone the stage! So cool. Dizzy-making but splendid.

The last 20 minutes they started opening champagne bottles and emptying their contents across the audience. The first time we all tried to hide behind each other and screen ourselves from the wet alcohol... But by the 7th time we just did not care anymore. Which resulted in sticky skin after the concert had terminated with some WIGGLING.

It was so much fun! I am still utterly ecstatic that we went despite our second thoughts.

And yes, that is a non-relevant polaroid photo which I forgot to insert in my last post...


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  1. Hvor ligner det en vild koncert :D

  2. holy.. goddamn wild concert! x'D never seen anything like that!

  3. Too bad that the other lead singer was sick - but it was good you went anyways c:
    Looks so awesome!