fredag den 7. oktober 2011

Villains are SO mainstream

Last Saturday I went to the Villain & Hero party, which was held for the 2nd time. Last year I didn't really like partying in my beloved Jessie cosplay since I feared I'd spill something on it etc. so I did not dress particularly up. Rasmus said he'd go as Hipster Spiderman (with surprise boble of text that ruled my world that evening), so I just joined him as Hipster/Casual Black Cat... or something... hahah, I didn't really care all that much. But I am glad I at least wore a wig.

Once we got to the club I practically tore my wig off and started dancing. And now, looking at these photos, I realize... My hair is bloody long! When did it reach this length? That is so CRAZY.

Dancing like pros. Or not. Can you guess what we're dancing in that first photo? Yes, 'cause it's soo not Macarena.

Happy ninja turtles, everything-hating Kim Pine and Polaroid from the evening! It was completely black around us when I took it, so I couldn't see in the little mirror on the front of the camera - and could not see where I was shooting. So I was quite proud to have gotten all the text included in the frame hahah!

MULTIPASS. And Jonas Schmidt (danish comedian)showed up. Which was epic. Of course he was paid to do it, but it was still really funny. I had a good time - too bad I had to go home early, since I had work Sunday. But a lot of people had already gone, so I don't think I missed much.


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  1. I love how everyone showed up as different characters :D Makes it look even cooler!!
    And it looks sooo cool - did the Dolph-guy make lots of comic jokes?

    Btw - You should totally straighten your hair some day to see how long your hair really is c: