onsdag den 4. april 2018

February and March ain't fooling around

 I rolled directly from the plane from Paris and into a warm bath. And it was cold in Denmark which made it very easy to spend a lot of time watching the Olympics.

But the cold weather always creates wonderful light.

 Coco finally made it to Denmark so Rasmus and I went to see it. We were not super pleased, but expectations get so high while waiting 3 months to see it...

I sketched a lot of the ice skaters! And did some movement studies.

And then it was time for Black Panther! We saw 3 movies in 3 weeks (the 3rd being Shape of Water) and were pretty tired of the theatre in the end haha. But Black Panther was amazing!!!

 I had originally had tickets for Raymonda at the old ballet stage, but then I went and booked a Paris trip right in the middle of it - so I rescheduled and went to see Swan Lake instead! My seat was fabulously close and the ballet is a classic for a reason - it was beautiful! I loved seeing the orchestra play Tjajkovskij too.


 Film studies and film viewing. Maria and I do love some Buster.

 I dressed up a little for a family birthday!

 The decorations were so pretty and they had 5 different types of brownies... yum!

 For the first time in ages I have a Tivoli annual pass again so I went to see the Winter decorations.

They were super cute and did give me that wintery feeling.

This shed in particular was lovely.

The skating rink was super small but cute! And then I went to Bastard with Marie and the board game crew.

We had a lot of fun playing house/castle!

 I dedicated some days to finally stick 2 years of memories into my scrapbooks.

And nature provided beauty once again.

Fridays at the Broes.

And Oscars with Maria!

 I wore my saree! We held it together all night nicely and seeing Mira on the big screen was pretty amazing - surreal texting back and forth with her and seeing her on the screen a second later.

 I woke up to a snow clad world and took Mum for a walk before it melted away.

 Small snow falls kept occuring tho. And we went for board game round 2!

 I ate too much cake with Maria and we walked it off.

 I really liked these colour combinations together.

 And I spent some time with Louise, Stine and Kathrine while I decided to go to Japan 3 weeks later. So I naturally started watching anime.

I also took Louise out for Girl Band Bingo! It was a weird experience but super fun!

 And our squirrels (! there's 2 of them) finally showed themselves.

Pablo visited for a day before heading to Viborg and I took Mum to a more regular bingo night feat. ballet.

Easter arrived early and spring and winter collided.

Rasmus and I continued our Marvel marathon and saw our final one before I head to Tokyo.

And as a special treat, the Broes and I all went to Sallie's - an American diner in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

 Which was pretty surreal. I felt like I kinda left that experience in the States haha.

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