onsdag den 1. november 2017

Zoo Costumes

Another week, another trip to Zoo. The cubs were super playful this time around. They moved too fast for my pencil, so I took more photos.

I went into the kangaroo area - and even here there were new babies everywhere. 

 You can walk freely amidst the kangaroos and it feels really surreal. They sat mostly in one spot so I drew quite a bit in there and sometimes I would be startled by a jumping kangaroo right next to me. It was such fun to see the babies crawl into the pouch after hearing about it for so many years!
I ran around the park before closing and on my ride home I was even visited by a kindly ladybug.

Friday I went to a talk in DR's Concert hall with dad! It was my first time inside which was super great - but I didn't really love the talk.

 Before the talk I met up with Stine and Oliven for an Ismejeriet cone. It was their first time! It was a little odd sitting right by my old university.

 The house was empty so I blasted loud music and watched Mamma Mia in the sitting tub.

I didn't use a lot of the bath bomb but it was still SO blue and glittery!

More outside drawing and attending Oliven's birthday. I finally gave her the Frozen dolls that I'd saved for her for a few years.

Sunday night I dropped by Tina and Toby's where we played Adventure Time Munchkins! I had already forgotten the gameplay totally.

Rasmus and I took a trip down memory lane, looking at old photos. 

And I went to the weight vintage market with Maria! They didn't have as nice things as last time but I still bought a one piece that looks pretty killer.

I hurried home to a game night with a few friends. I had send out a last-minute invite for a game bash before heading to Viborg. We even played charades which I had wanted to do for a long time! It's always so much fun??

Saturday morning I got up early to get a ride to Hillerød where I was part of a period costume fashion show. It was actually my first time inside Frederiksborg castle! It felt super rushed though, so I didn't really feel like I actually experienced it.

I wore the same 19th century outfit I'd worn last time in Lyngby.

It was a pretty good time where I used the girls as life drawing models! I got a ride back into the city and rushed to Zoo for one last quick sketch session in the sun - I knew that it will be winter on my next visit.

 It's going to be weird to see how big the babies have grown next time I see them!

I went to the Hero Villain party that night too! I went really late for a short time, but it was nice to see a few friendly faces again.

I got to chat with a few good 'uns and got dancing as well, so I got what I came for. I then went back to try and sleep a little before the big travel day the next morning.

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