tirsdag den 21. april 2015

Eventful Easter

Friday druing the Easter break the National Museum held a NatNight to launch the new exhibition about cosplay there. I donned my Ponyo cosplay for the first time in years and went. Jesper Guldbrandsen took the two middle pictures. There were so many people there but it was quite dull. We changed, Amalie begged to take purikura and then we went out for a water pipe, drinks and dancing. That was super fun!

I also participated in a Disney quiz with my co-wotkers. Naturally we won first price but we didn't actually place 2nd or 3rd with our other groups haha!

 Rasmus' cat has suddenly warmed up to me after years and I am immensely chuffed about that recent development. ALSO, the dear couple from Jutland surprised me at work - felt like ages and we only spent a short while together. Parting is such sweet sorrow!

The next Friday Copenhagen Games hosted a cosplay competition. I decided to wear Elastigirl since it dawned on me that I have worn it a lot but actually never been judged by a panel with it. It was fun enough but always weird to wear a costumes around a group not normally affiliated with cosplaying.

And I drove to the event. In almost full cosplay. With my glasses like that.

 I won an honourable mention which was cool - my costume is so simple that I wouldn't have thought I'd get anything.

 And Saturday after work Jonas asked me if I wanted to join him in ZOO during their Earth Hour event. It had been years and it was fun to see the animals either sleeping or being more active than during the day.

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