torsdag den 29. januar 2015

And all that Drag....

The first two snow falls of the year melted oh-so quickly. But it looked ever so pretty! We are supposed to have a very mild winter this year...

Interview outfit, nail polish worn for over a week for the first time in ages and the most desu tights ever to have seen the light of day.

 We've had a few game nights recently. It's been super fun to learn some new games! And yes, of course the most important reason to collect D Infinity figurines is to be able to choose an avater to play in Trivial Pursuit.

 Bakinggggg. And returning to listening to Perfume once more.

What I've spent most of January on? Well... Finishing our short documentary on Drag Queens! We worked around the clock for a week and then prepared for our oral exam - which we all aced! Super chuffed about that. Oh, what's that? You want to see it? Look below!

(I made English subtitles!)

My brain is struggling to accept the new dA logo... and a new season of X-factor has begun! Meaning Friday nights at Rasmus'. 

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