fredag den 21. februar 2014

Transparent and glasslike

Cutie hanging around at my uni.

It's been a few very rough weeks and I haven't felt very talkative or cheery. But some good things did happen!

I felt like the world was getting a bit blurry and my gut feeling happened to be true. I am now wearing glasses most of the time! It took a week or so getting used to, but it does make life endlessly easier.

The Oscars are coming up so I've been going to the theatre quite a bit. American Hustle was so not what I expected and it didn't really hit home with me, and while The Wolf of Wall Street was too long I was never bored. I watched August for the Meryl x Julia combo (+ dear Ewan) and I was very moved by Julia's performance. Dallas Buyers Club I saw today and it was wonderfully painful to watch.

My uni's back-to-school party was Ibiza themed, so naturally I wore Barbie and sparkly sunglasses. Curls done with socks!

I've been doodling everyday since New Years and it's such a fun excersise in pushing my own creativity. Also, behold my dear robots:

2 kommentarer:

  1. i det mindste klæder briller dig :b godt at du er godt igang med det nye år, jeg skal også have sparket mig selv igang med at se oscar-nomineringerne!

  2. You look great with glasses :D
    And I feel completely the same about both The Wolf of Wallstreet and American Hustle, haha ♥

    And your Barbie outfit is the cutest! Those glasses, daaarling!