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Asian London

 Quite spontaneously Anne and I booked a 3-day trip to London a few weeks back. She was tired of Denmark and I just had (!) to do something with my 1,5 month break from school. 
Only just having arrived, we went by Westminster to see good ol' Elizabeth Tower. I have to go to specific spots very quickly into my trip somewhere to make myself really believe that I have travelled - otherwise it only dawns on me halfway into a trip and I get a little less enjoyment out of the time spent abroad.

The modern art piece at Trafalger puzzled us. We thought it might have something to do with the Chinese New year but then we realized that it is the year of the horse...

We had packed heavy since the forecast had said it would feel like 2 degrees. But it was super sunny and we had open coats for most of the days.
There were so many beautiful Vespas everywhere in the city. That specific spot had a lot though - but I do think it said something about a mop club...
We went into Japan Centre at Picadilly to get refreshments and I tried Melon Soda for the first time!

We took advantage of the fantastic weather and just walk a lot that Monday. We walked to Carnaby Street, which I have no idea how I could have not visited before now. It was a very cozy neighbourhood!

Somehow Monday ended up being our shopping day. When we had bought a few items at Carnaby Street we figured we might as well head to Oxford Street and get some sale items there. 

We went by Denmark Street on the way back from Forbidden Planet and laughed about the Carslberg ad there. Typical!

Disney Store. A shocker that I went there, right?? But y'know, I had to see darling Parker.

The figurine's waist was tiny.... And Selfridge was dolled up kitten-style!

We went back to our Earl's Court hostel to check in and leave our shopping bags before we headed to our dining location:

Inamo Restaurant! It's completely interactive - you choose your own patterns on the table, order your items without a paper menu, keep track of your order and you can spy on the kitchen to see your dinner being made.

 We played Battleship! It was a little expensive compared to what you got and they didn't have the largest of menus. But I must admit that the interactive experience made up for it. Only thing I really didn't like was the staff - it seemed like they thought they could just slack off because they didn't have to do anything but bring the food + they didn't smile once.

From night to morning.

We spent 7 hours on Goldhawk Road, looking a fabrics. SOFT HANDS.

Rip-off Elsa? And we had a conference at Costa to decide which fabrics to get. Yum, so much marshmallow deliciousness.

Mission accomplished! That S W A G sign was hilarious. I love how all the fabric shops have random plastic bags so it looks like you've acquired (for example) a new gardening hobby.

Harrods was the surprise of the trip. We were expecting a normal shopping space and truth be told we couldn't really pick up our jaws.

 That one employee looks like he's posing for me in the fish stand.

We were blown away by the Egyptian escalator. It runs with the same speed as the Nile flows... I mean. Come ON! Too crazy.

 And we looked to the Disney Store and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. It was fun seeing it since we've been following the progress all throughout European Disney Stores.
And of course they had ALL the Frozen merch - unlike every other Store atm.

They had Jessie with real yarn hair!

From dining at King's Cross we went to a free crafting event called The Make Escape. The craft night's theme was the Chinese New Year and it was really flipping fun!

The organizers were very sweet and a whole bunch of people were there!

We made felt fortune cookies and origami rings! It was held in a theatre's attic and in the front hall they had a projector - really cool!

Super creepy doll left in the rain. 
That white Vespa with brown leather was fantastic. I was THIS close to stealing it. Mmmhmm.

Wednesday we went to Spitafield's!

 It was a bit of a let-down but it might have been because it was raining a lot for the first time in the trip.

 We ate the "nation's best fish 'n' chips" at the original Poppies. It was so cutely decorated!
We'd met up with one of the WCS finalists from Australia from Annes turn as a Danish representative, K.

~ 50s ~

Chummed! And an old fellow looking great in his dapper apron.

We went on our own down Brick Lane but we hurried because of the rain.
And we went into a small gallery that had a pretty cool mirror installation.

Then we went home to the hostel, saw a quiz on telly and just prepared to leave for the airport.

From Brit spring sun and rain to Danish flipping snowy winter. And my buys! Fabric for 5 costumes, new garments and a cutesy Golden Snitch !

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  1. It's important to do spontaneously stuff once in a while - and when it involves traveling it sure isn't a bad thing ♥

    And it looks like you two had lots of fun :D
    Carnaby Street is like one of my favorite places in London!! All the shops there are so cute :D

    Awwwh, the Anna figure looks so cute! Disney store ftw \m/
    The crafting event looks like lots of fun as well :D

    Loots of lovely loots as well!