søndag den 26. januar 2014

Winter kitten

It's finally started snowing a tiny little bit. I do like winter, but I just find it tiresome when there is no snow. Snow lights up the entire world !

I am now officially tired of being on break from uni. This week I spent some time crafting and that gave me a bit of purpose throughout the days haha.

The annual Cast Member party was held and it was a themed party - Villains! I've wanted to do Black Cat ever since I started cosplaying, but I wanted to be more of a woman before I made her. I found her fitting to the themed and thought I'd pull her out now.
We ate great Indian food and had a quick dance lesson/competition and just had a great time. People were very imaginative with their costumes - my boss came as the Evil Queen in witch-y get-up, complete with a wart with hair in it!

Frozen cupcakes! And Maria as Sabor in some very pretty light.

When we packed up the private party and the others talked of going clubbing I went to the Genki party at Werket. A lot of my boos were there and it was a very relaxed and nice time!

Tomorrow I'm getting off Danish soil for a few days - just to get some fresh, Brit air!

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